Independent Associate

This tell's you about the benefits of MCA Inc.


Why join Motor Club of America

You can also become an Associate as well.


Our services are second to none. We've offered reliable roadside service for the USA and Canada since 1926. Our packages also offer convenient travel and medical discounts.


We give each one of our associates a website and a unique referral link to give to potential customers. Whenever someone purchases one of our memberships from your website we'll pay you up to $80 for it.

Weekly Paychecks:

We send out payments via direct deposit every Friday. Our pay period is Sunday - Saturday so you can earn money on your own time, 7 days a week.

I have three great reasons why MCA is a great
fit for your life.

1- With MCA you are able to stay home, work on your own schedule and get paid every week.
2- It is easy to do! And once you check out our 
short training guide you'll be a pro in no time.

3- The benefits are amazing! MCA is truly a 
company that values the people it works with. 
Not only is it a great pay every week, but it's also 
full of amazing benefits.

Teaming up with MCA was one of the best things 
I've ever done,


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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long will it take for my MCA card to arrive?  7-10 Business Days.

2) It’s been more than 7-10 business days and I haven’t received my MCA card. What should I do? Call / Notify the company.

3) I just made a sale. Will I be paid this Friday? The pay period starts on Sunday at 12:00 A.M and it ends on Saturday at 11:59 P.M. All work done from Sunday to Saturday midnight will be paid to you the following Friday.

4) Do I get paid $80 every week for each sale? No, you get paid $80 one time per sale. Keep in mind that it’s already crazy for them to pay you an $80 commission on a $40 sale.

5) I made a sale last week but my commission is showing $9.24 instead of $80.00. Why? Your customer signed up with a prepaid card, gift card or a one-time payment card. If your customer is 100 percent sure that he/she paid with a bank account then feel free to call MCA.  Phone Number: 1-800-227-6459. They may require the customer to submit proof of bank account.

6) I made a sale, but it’s on HOLD. What does that mean? MCA needs to review the customer’s payment information before processing the order. MCA will attempt to contact the customer. The customer can also call to confirm his/her order (Much faster). Phone Number: 1-800-227-6459

7) Can people from another country join? The UNITED STATES, CANADA ONLY

8) Can I start making sales if I haven’t submitted all my forms? Yes, you may start making sales even if you haven’t submitted all your forms. However, it’s highly recommended for you to submit all your forms as soon as possible to avoid your deposits being delayed.

9. When does the pay period end? The pay period is from Sunday to Saturday at midnight, So Every sale that you get from Sunday to Saturday. You will get paid the following Friday.