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Emergency Services and Discounts

MCA has a vehicle coverage plan available to all customers that start at $39.95 mo.

We pride ourselves on offering 24-hour towing (up to 100 miles) and emergency services such as fuel delivery, battery jump starts, flat tire changes, and auto locksmith with tons of other benefits to keep you and your family safe.

MCA services are available while traveling anywhere in North America (USA & Canada). View more about our memberships here.

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                    Major Discounts

Enjoy taking advantage of Motor Club of America's many health and travel discounts on services such as
-rental cars,
-vision, and dental.

We have a network of the largest brands in those industries. Our perks will give you discounts on everyday
purchase items and save you hundreds of dollars a year in travel expenses by booking with any of our rental car agencies or hotel chains.

-Hotel Discount - Up to 15% off

-Rental Car - Up to 40% off

The following discounts are provided for free via the WellCard:

-Prescription Discount - Up to 65% off

-Vision Care Discount - Up to 50% off

-Dental Discount - Up to 50% off

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